Last year we saved 190.000 trees

Reuse has its measurable benefits! Thanks to our combined efforts the equivalent to 2 230 tons of CO2 was NOT heaped upon the environment in 2022! Trees absorb and store carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during photosynthesis, helping to mitigate the effects of climate change. By saving 190,000 trees annually, we contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas levels and helping to stabilize the global climate.

Reusing wooden pallets reduce the demand for new timber, thus lessening the pressure on forests for logging. This helps biodiversity and in preserving natural habitats, preventing deforestation, and protecting the ecosystem services that forests provide. Reuse of pallets also reduce waste and minimizes the environmental impact associated with the disposal and incineration of pallets.

Leading by setting new reuse standards for the benefit of the planet
As a market leader and a solid provider of reuse solutions, we offer customers control, flexibility and resource optimization for load carriers and other reusable materials in a tailored, reliable and profitable setup. Several of our 17 warehouses not only host highly skilled people, but also advanced automated detection systems. Optical scanners detects defects or imperfection, sort them out accordingly to make sure that these assets are quickly repaired and back in the flow in no time. Our reuse rate on pallets is over 98%.

SmartRetur’s business model is preserving resources by reusing assets. We repair, sort, store and keep track of all your pallets. Then we ship or pick up as you order. Optimizing load fill, transport routes and employing more efficient logistics strategies are also our competitive advantages, reducing the overall distance traveled by vehicles. Our big and tight logistics network in Scandinavia helps in better inventory management, ensuring that you can quickly access the pallets wherever you need them. How many trees have your company saved using Smart Returs system and services? Only SmartRetur gives you environmental accounting in a real time.

How many trees have your company saved using Smart Returs system and services? Only SmartRetur gives you environmental accounting in a real time.

Easily accessible in your SmartRetur customer portal, you will find a continuously updated overview of the total emissions (and its origin) using Smart Returs services, transport data, reuse percentage, trees and emission saved etc.

This allows you in to keep an accurate account of the impact of your reverse logistics and to feed accurate data further into your sustainability systems (e.g. quality data for scope 3). With access to this data, it will be easier to collaborate on measures to reduce our footprint together. If you are interested knowing more about this tool, contact your account manager or Stine Alvestad, Head of Sustainability (

We’re living on credit

The world's natural resources are under huge and increasing pressure. Material consumption accounts for 90% of biodiversity loss, about 2/3 of global climate emissions, deforestation, and pressure on scarce water resources. It is therefore crucial for the climate and the environment that resources are used far more efficiently.

Case in point: the Construction Business

“More changes will take place on Nordic construction sites in the next 5 years than in the last 50. Waste reduction, resource preservation, reuse and cost savings are a few keywords that lead SmartRetur to partner up with leading construction companies” Says CEO of SmartRetur Norway Trond Juliussen.

So far in 2023, Smart Retur has started collection on all of JM Norge's project sites, as well as a number of construction sites for Skanska, Veidekke, Peab and Solid. We collect wooden pallets and other load carriers, but have also tested the return of other carrier assets by engaging the original manufacturers to take it back for reuse, benefitting all parties, according to Juliussen. The building, construction and real estate sector accounts for 16% of Norway's total greenhouse gas emissions. There are huge improvements to be made by offering similar sustainable and innovative industry solutions on construction sites across the Nordics, Juliussen says.

Case in point: Electric trucks are coming big time. We’ve started small time
SmartRertur’s Head of Sustainability Stine Alvestad has overseen the acquisition of a Volvo e-truck, run together with Torpa Bilruter, as SmartRetur is pushing for lower emissions. -Transportation accounts for about 30% of our footprint, and when we put this truck into operation in Oslo and the surrounding area, it's actually a big step in the right direction. The car is running for an average of 10 hours a day and will be charged using solar cells at our Langhus site and it’s only the beginning, says Alvestad.

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